What a better way to end the work week than being surrounded by a vineyard, tasting Great Bear wines and exploring the world of chocolate!  On Friday, November 1, we are offering our first ever wine and chocolate tasting.

During the evening, we will have fun exploring where cacao is grown and learning how the “food of the gods” is magically turned into chocolate from our Willy Wonka, Kevin, a nineteen year veteran in the industry.  Next, we will learn how to taste chocolate like a pro, and then, put our taste buds to work by tasting five selected red wines, each paired with five different chocolates. We will hear about the individual wines and chocolates and experience what makes each pairing special.

After the chocolate and wine tasting, there will be some informal time with a little more wine, plus cheese and crackers…and/or more chocolate if you prefer!

Come join us for this inaugural event!

Tickets $45 ($40 for Wine Club Members).