Grape Sales


Commercial Wineries

We specialize in providing premium Cabernet Sauvignon grapes to world-class commercial wineries in lot size from 1 to 30 tons. We have a great terroir with soils similar to the soils of valley floor in Napa, and we have evenings cooled by the delta breeze. Our vineyard is designed and managed for quality with East-West rows, no-till, bilateral cordons with spur pruning, and deficit irrigation. Our grape vines are pruned, shoot and cluster thinned, leaf pulled, picked and sorted all by hand ensuring only the best are delivered to you. Our Cabernet Sauvignon are clones 7 and 8 on root stock 1616C and 3309C. Clone 6 will be available from 2019. We pick according to your preference and wine-making style. We organize the delivery time based on your request. Please email or phone for prices and contracts.

Home Winemakers

We have a block of grapes dedicated to home winemakers and heartily welcome you, regardless of the volume you make. We put the same care, pride and quality of work into growing these grapes for you as the ones we supply to commercial wineries. We have several harvest dates on which you are welcome to join us to pick with family and friends, or we will harvest and you can just collect.  Harvest dates are based on grape ripeness and pH.

We also have open crush days when you can use our Mori R30 crusher/destemmer on site for a small additional charge. These are fun events when you will get the opportunity to meet other home winemakers.

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Grape Harvest 2 by Deb Ford.jpg
Home Winemakers Commercial Winemakers
Varietal 100lb 250lb 500lb 1000lb 1-5 ton 5-10 ton 10-30 ton
Cabernet Sauvignon
clones 7 & 8
$1.20 $1.15 $1.10 $1.05 prices available on request
Cabernet Sauvignon
clone 6
available 2019 available 2019
Zinfandel $1.00 $0.95 $0.90 $0.85 up to 1 ton available
Malbec sold out
Mourvedre / Mataro sold out
Petit Sirah sold out
Chardonnay sold out
Roussanne sold out
Optional use of
$0.20 $0.20 $0.20 $0.15

Our vineyard is family-owned and managed. We take care and pride in every step of grape production. We love producing beautiful fruit, intense with flavors.

Our viticulture consultant, Mike Anderson, helps us produce the finest quality grapes by guiding deficit irrigation, pruning, and leaf and cluster thinning.

We practice no-till in the vineyard to help build a healthy microbiome of beneficial microbes. The vineyard is managed in harmony with nature, and so has an abundance of wild flowers, bird and animal life.

You can read more about the vineyard practice here.